Beating The Blues—Part 1: When To Keep Going


How do you cope when the weather’s foul, the holiday season’s left you with a pile of debt, and the last of your Christmas cheer dribbled away a lifetime ago?

There’s no substitute for professional help if you’re in the grip of clinical depression, but there are things every one of us can do to improve our situation.

Sitting back and moaning never helped anyone. If you try, you  might fall—but equally, you might fly. You’ll never know unless you try and frankly, when things look bleak, what have you got to lose?

First, know you are not alone. The only people who say they’ve never had a bad day, week, month or year are liars. It happens to everyone. Some are better at hiding their pain than others are. That’s all. I’ve had days when it was all I could do to get out of bed. The only reason I did was because other people were relying on me. I still had to drag on the cap and bells, with Winston Churchill’s black dog shadowing my every thought and footstep. Yet you’d never believe it to look at me, then or now.

You must believe things will get better. Use the mantra, this too, shall pass. Repeat it to yourself as often as you can as you look for ways to improve your situation. Change is inevitable: for every down, there will be an up. Remember, we can only appreciate sunshine by knowing shadows.

Life’s a roller coaster. Hang on tight—and know that I’m screaming too, right alongside you. Follow my blog for tips on self-help from someone who’s been there, done most of it, and survived.

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