‘Hair Day’ by Lindsay Debout—Part One


Here’s a weekend treat—Part One of Lindsay Debout’s new adults-only erotic short story, ‘Hair Day’. To make sure you never miss an episode, follow my blog, and sign up to get my news (top right).

The alarm woke Lydia up, but it was the smell of toast that got her out of bed.
A handsome man in an expensive business suit was sitting at the kitchen table. “Hello, Sexy,” he leered when she came in. “Got anything nice for me?”
Lydia poked out her tongue and sat opposite at him. Two croissants were tucked up snug and warm under a napkin on her plate. Butter and her favourite preserve were lined up alongside. Marcus poured her a cup of coffee as she broke open one of the croissants. “Sorry about last night,” he apologised. “I was just so tired.”
Lydia swallowed the first mouthful and licked crumbs off her fingers. “I know. Forget about it.”
“I can’t. I know it’s not fair on you. I don’t do it deliberately, honest.”
“I know you don’t. Don’t worry about it or you’ll only make things worse. There will be plenty of other times. Tonight, for instance.”
“It’s a date,” he replied, stuffing the last piece of toast in his mouth and checking his watch.
Lydia eyed him up over the rim of her cup. “You’re looking good today.”
“Meetings with clients. It’s the contract that’s been keeping me working so late.”
Last night’s frustration kick-started this morning’s arousal. “Do you have time for another cup of coffee?” she asked, standing up.
He checked his watch again. “I think I can afford a few more minutes with a delightful young lady such as yourself.”
Lydia brewed another pot of coffee and sashayed back to the table with it. For some reason, refilling her husband’s cup involved a lot of leaning over and pressing against him. “Is there anything else I can get you, Sir?” she purred.
“What do you have to offer?” he rumbled, openly looking her up and down.
“There are a variety of recreational facilities available. And some toys,” she added, shaking herself so that her breasts moved under her pyjama top.
Marcus swallowed and his voice trembled slightly. “I- I think I’d like to inspect the premises first. Make sure everything’s in perfect working order.”
“Of course, Sir.” Lydia moved back from the table and pulled her top off over her head, then pushed down her bottoms and kicked them to one side. Her husband’s eyes widened and he licked his lips as his gaze travelled over her body. She spotted him shifting awkwardly in his chair. “Would Sir like me to make him more comfortable?”
He licked his lips again. “What would you recommend?”
Lydia swayed up to his chair and reached down to his lap. The bulge there made it difficult to undo his zip, but finally she was able to slip her hand inside and work him free. Her own mouth went dry when his erection came into view. Long and thick, twitching in time with his pulse and topped with a dark pink head.
“I can recommend the manual massage,” she murmured, wrapping her hand around his shaft and gently stroking up and down. “Although I’m told the oral massage is good as well.” She bent over and slid him into her mouth, pressing her lips and tongue against him as she dipped her head all the way down and then slowly back up again.
Marcus sighed when she let him go and stood up. “Are there any other options?”
“Oh yes, Sir.” Lydia turned around and bent over again, looking back at him over her shoulder. “The Members-only club is particularly popular. It’s open twenty-four hours per day.”
Marcus stood up. “I think I’ll have a closer inspection before I make up my mind.”
He stepped forwards but nearly tripped over his briefcase. When he picked it up, the contrast between his business-like appearance and the erection poking out of his trousers made Lydia giggle. “You look obscene!”
“It’s your fault, parading that luscious body in front of me. What’s a man to do?”
Lydia took the briefcase from him and put it on the table out of the way, then put her arms around his neck. “This man can do whatever he likes,” she breathed.
Her husband backed her against the counter and kissed her passionately, then trailed his lips down her body. He licked and chewed gently on her nipples, then kissed over her belly and down between her legs. He leaned back to study her. “You’re getting furry again.”
“Do you prefer me smooth?”
“It’s up to you. I like it both, so long as I don’t get hair in my teeth. Let’s check that, shall we?” He leaned in and Lydia felt his tongue sliding over her secret places. Not that they were any secret to Marcus – over the years he’d spent hours examining her in close-up detail.
Pulling away again, Marcus turned her around so she had her back to him. “Bend over,” he commanded.
“Certainly, Sir,” sighed Lydia and did so, resting her head on her arms on the counter. She felt his tongue exploring between her legs again, then working up the length of her back until he was nipping the nape of her neck. That always made her shiver and gasp. He stood up and then crouched down so that his erection was nudging against her. Reaching down she guided him to the right spot, then moaned deep in her throat as he slid into her.
Marcus wrapped his strong arms around her waist and straightened up, lifting her easily off the ground. She gave herself to the pleasure growing inside her. With her feet off the floor, she had little control over what Marcus was doing. She could tuck her feet either side of his legs, or bring her legs together so that he was pressed tightly between her thighs, but that was all.
I’m a helpless slave girl being used by the all-powerful chief for his own pleasure, she daydreamed. There’s nothing I can do to stop him taking me.
Guilt shattered the mental picture. How can I be fantasising about something so horrible? There’s nothing erotic about being raped. Not that it’s ever happened to me, thank goodness. I know Marcus would stop the moment I asked. Not every woman is so lucky.
Marcus chose that moment to lift her hips higher so that he could slide deeper into her.
But what’s the point of me feeling guilty? There are always bad things happening somewhere in the world. Getting uptight about it won’t stop them happening.
Lydia relaxed back into her fantasy, enjoying the feel of Marcus moving inside her. His clothes brushed against her skin, making her feel even more naked and vulnerable.
Once in a while it’s nice to be a sex object. If he tries it too often, it’ll be divorce lawyers at dawn. Anyway, I do it to him as well. Sometimes his morning hard-on is just too good to resist, even if I’m already dressed and late for work. What’s a girl to do? This girl tucks up her skirt, pulls her knickers to one side and rides him until she comes. Just as well I keep emergency tights in my office.
Pleasure was building nicely inside her when Marcus’s watch beeped quietly. “Damn! I’m going to miss my train if I don’t get a move on.”
Lydia sighed. That’s three times in a row now. At least. “You can’t meet clients with a hard-on. Hurry up and bring yourself off.”
“I can’t do that! You’re nowhere near ready yet.”
“I’ll take care of myself afterwards. Come on, just do it.”
Marcus hesitated, then started to thrust powerfully into her. It took only a few seconds before he gasped and shuddered. His arms squeezed painfully tight around her waist as he ejaculated into her.
I suppose it’s a compliment that I can make him come so easily. I suppose I should be flattered.
Marcus pulled out of her gently and lowered her feet to the floor, then hurriedly tidied himself up and made a dash for the door. “Sorry, got to go. I’ll make it up to you.”
Damn right you will. “Have a good day,” called Lydia. Marcus hesitated in the doorway, strode back and gave her a quick kiss. “You too.” Then he was gone.
Lydia sighed again. Going solo is great when it’s the main event. Not so great when it’s to make up for the main event being cancelled. Again. Reaching down, she finished what Marcus had started then washed her hands and had her second croissant.
It was cold.
So was the coffee.

‘Hair Day’ Extract copyright Lindsay Debout 2015

Wow—that’s my kind of weekend reading. Thanks, Lindsay. I can’t wait for the next instalment!
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